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What’s Trance healing?

The difference between trance healing and other healing modalities is the state of consciousness of the healer. The more the healer is able to blend with its spirit team the deeper the healing effect. In a trance healing session I will enter an altered state of consciousness to allow my healing guides to step completely forward to do the healing, rather than just channeling the energy through me.. The direction that the sitting will take is very much up to those who communicate from Spirit. They  may also take the opportunity to speak directly to your soul or higher self to assist in the healing process.

What To Expect With Trance healing?

During a trance healing session you will relax fully clothed in a comfortable chair or lie on a massage table with your eyes closed, whichever you prefer. You will feel relaxed and may even drift off to sleep. Every healing session will be experienced differently. I encouraged clients to remain open and receptive to healing, skepticism or negativity can block the effect of the healing. During the session, I will enter a trance state, place my hands gently on, or just above, your body. and allow my guides to take over through me.

During treatment, you may see and feel things that you have never experienced before.

My clients report that trance healing is more intense than Reiki. If you are not sure if trance healing can be good for you, then visit me first for a Reiki session first.

For me, trance healing is a pure source of energy. A loving energy, which is perceived very differently from person to person. Each session is also a new experience and an experiment for me.

Depending on the state of your health, 1 to 4 sessions are optimal and will assist greatly in the recovery of both your physical body and emotional state. Sometimes the full effect will be noticed weeks after a session since the healing starts from within the soul and works out.

After the healing is complete, I will give you a summary , working with my guides, addressing the issues found during the session. I encourage clients to rest after a healing session if possible, as many clients want to sleep afterwards and the healing process will continue. The session lasts 60 mins and will be recorded.



Energy healing is not a replacement for any medical care and treatment in any way. If you are seeking medical diagnosis and treatment you should see a medical doctor. Energy healing does not cure any medical conditions, it simply assists people in becoming healthier. You should always seek medical advice before scheduling an appointment with Cindy.