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The Sanctuary

THE SANCTUARY - A sacred women circle January 2022

The Sanctuary is a safe healing space, where women can bring their trauma and hurt, and learn from the Council of Elders

Attending The Sanctuary healing circles can help you make sense of what has been missing inside you and figure out what you need to feel whole. Each healing circle will focus on your female creative energy - where is it going, what it is doing and is this what you want? The healing meditation will guide you through very specific emotions to help you re-ground your female creative energy and set it at the vibration you want to have flow in your body.

The circle includes Kundalini yoga, meditation, healing and messages received from Cindy’s Spirit Guides, Helpers and from Ascended Masters. The subject is left up to Spirit, as well as those who ask questions, which can range from universal to personal. It is a good introduction to trance mediumship and a good opportunity to interact with Spirit in a meaningful way.

Our healing circles are intended to realign a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. — it creates a powerful connection to culture and identity that has often been missing for women.

Saturday 29th January 2022

Teachers: Cindy Theodore and Géraldine Coisne

Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm

Cost: £40 per person

Location: Light Centre Belgravia

Spaces are limited to 10 in order to create an intimate circle where each woman can be truly seen and held. Please note this event is not suitable for pregnant women.

Please wear loose clothes and bring a water bottle, journal and pen.