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The Chrysalis program: Light workers & Entrepreneurs

A true Earth Angel and convinced lightworker, you have launched your activity as a well-being entrepreneur, or you dream of doing it but do not know where to start! 

Massage therapist, energy practitioner, medium, artist, craftsman, work with animals… Your mission is vital to this world, to our beautiful planet, to our community! More than anyone, you need and deserve to be accompanied.

The objectives of the support

In fact, you define them! Together, we identify your deep desire, and identify your blockages and weaknesses.

We work on concrete, reasonable and progressive objectives, whether for your project or for your own well-being.

Frequently discussed topics

Even if you feel a little isolated in your approach, you will find that Light workers often have the same problems. And that already helps you feel less alone!

Here are some examples of themes that I usually discuss with my clients:

  • Are you a Lightworker?
  • Where do your fears and blockages come from when it comes to money and abundance? How to adopt a healthy attitude towards money? Why shouldn't you feel guilty about getting paid, and getting paid well?
  • How do you take care of yourself when you are always taking care of others? (and why it's required)
  • How to identify and find your customers to feel useful, and carry out your life mission? How to find your specificity, what distinguishes you from other practitioners in your field, which will allow you to have your loyal clientele and finally feel like yourself. How to take advantage of your strengths, your history, your personality, … but also your weaknesses!
  • How to make your capacity for empathy a gift and a strength and no longer your worst enemy.

There are 2 ways in which I can support you: brief coaching and coaching with follow-up. The type of accompaniment is given to me during the 1st session by my Spirit guides and yours. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

1 - Brief coaching (1 or 2 sessions)

You can contact me to help you unlock what you cannot unlock alone in your journey.

There is a specific unblocking or reprogramming in 1 or 2 sessions or a creation of a wave form or a circle of stones which will accompany you in your spiritual journey.

2 - Coaching with follow-up to achieve the desired goal

During the 1st session I evaluate the number of sessions you need and I give you a treatment.

We will do the series of sessions, at your own pace, to get you back on your way more easily.

I work mainly internationally via the zoom conference platform. I am incarnated to work remotely on a large scale of time, dimensions and people. So there is no difference if you see me in person or via Zoom.

All my actions are focused on the causes at the soul level for all kinds of problems (physical, psychic, energetic and spiritual). I transform the information you carry in your cells and in your soul that causes the troubles you are experiencing.