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We see this exploration, discovery and emergence as part of a collaborative journey together – with all of the beautiful hearts connected to EnergyWorks™ – to consciously co-create anew, to thrive, to shine our light brighter than ever.

I invite you to join me in this co-creative process by taking part in an online group healing session. These group sessions create more accessibility to my practice.

What is Cindy’s group healing?

A group healing session create very powerful energies that allow you to align yourself on your true path and activate self realisation. The trance healing energy and Cindy’s direct spot-on guidance opens sacred thresholds in consciousness, quantum leaping all participants through their awakening, self embodiment and heart’s rightful path. Spirit brings together each group so there are common themes and messages between the participants. So you’re also receiving messages and guidance from everyone’s messages in the session. You can keep your camera off.

It's COST EFFECTIVE - It allows people to try out energy healing at a small cost.
It's a COST CONSCIOUS PRACTICE - It’s a great alternative to yoga and meditation. Energy healing works on an energetic level so you may become inspired to explore consciousness from a different angle.
It's COMMUNITY - We have a nice little community. What started as a few attendees has now grown into the hundreds.
It's MAINTENANCE - It allows private clients and newbies to jump in and get their weekly fix to upkeep their energetic balance before they have a 1:1 healing session.

What to expect:

*20-25mins healing session
*Intuitive messages to randomly selecting attendees
Cindy will share as many one-on-one messages as time permits.
Please note Cindy can’t guaranty a personal message every week to regular attendees.
*2 attendees minimum

Join me via Zoom on Wednesday evening 7pm-8pm or Friday morning 10am-11am UK time. The exchange of energy for this group session is only £15 per person. Limited places available. Check dates & availabilities here or book below
The session starts at 7pm/10am sharp and will last 60mins; please log in 5-10mins before. You will receive Zoom link and details about session the day before the event.

Remember trance healing and mediumship is not about predicting the future but about helping people. This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.

"I attended one of Cindy's healing circles during lockdown and I know I will be back. I was blown away by the common themes and messages between the participants. It felt as Spirits had brought us all together to give us collective and individual messages"

"I felt so connected to every other person there and to myself. I totally underestimated how valuable that support would be to me."

"Every circle I’ve attended has been so insightful and I’ve felt big shifts in my personal healing. I always come away feeling uplifted, hopeful, supported, connected, relaxed yet energised and clear headed."