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Energy healing and Mesothelioma  The Mesothelioma Center (

Energy healing in the NHS UK Federation, 2010, Beauty & Soul 2014

Reiki – scientific point of view

Why people with cancer use Reiki?



Arthur Findlay College  Residential college for the advancement of Spiritualism and psychic sciences.

College of Psychic Studies Courses, workshops, lectures...

Psychic news  A monthly Spiritualist Magazine.

UK Healers  National regulatory body for spiritual healing in the UK.

Gordon Higginson  A website dedicated to Gordon Higginson.

SAGBThe Spiritualist Association of Great Britain



Being Spirits
Albert Best
Mediumship Within  Chris Ratter
Judith Seaman - Trance Mediumship  Minister Judith Seaman
Lilian Bailey - The Tapestry of Life Marjorie Aaron
J. J. Morse - Trance Medium 2013 edition James Johnson Morse
The Complete Gladys Osbourne Leonard Gladys Osbourne Leonard
Emma Hardinge - Trance Lectures Emma Hardinge Britten
Eileen Garrett - Her Life and Her Mediumship Eileen Garrett and Allan Angoff
Nettie Colburn - Trance Medium Nettie Colburn
Leonora Piper M. Sage



Parish the Healer Maurice Barbanell

Spirit Intercourse  J. Hewat McKenzie
Estelle Roberts - Fifty Years a Medium Estelle Roberts



Vivre et transmettre le meilleur pendant sa grossesse  Sophie Metthey