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Does someone you love need healing work, but they’re not in a place to do it themselves? Maybe they’re too young, too ill, or they simply reject the idea of energy healing altogether.

What does exactly “healing by proxy” mean?

A proxy is an object used by a healing practitioner to represent the recipient of the healing energy. The proxy is used in place of the person, animal or whatever, that can not be in physical presence at the time of the healing.

My favourite proxy is an  eye pillows, but we can use a pillow, a picture of the person, a doll, teddy bear, statue or whatever we feel comfortable with. The proxy helps the healing channel focus and direct the energy needed by the recipient. The client relieves the energy through the proxy, because that's what the healing practitioner have set it up to do.

This doesn’t mean the healing work is done for the recipient

It is like opening the energy for someone you love so they can make a shift in their life. Think of it as opening a door, yet they still have to move through the door.

Giving yourself or someone you know this gift of healing is an empowering decision you make from your heart.

All I need is a full name, a location and a brief description of the problem. I prefer to address one problem at a time, so please pick what is most important to you. (leave a note at checkout)

Energy healing is not a replacement for any medical care and treatment in any way. If you are seeking medical diagnosis and treatment you should see a medical doctor. Energy healing does not cure any medical conditions, it simply assist people in becoming healthier.You should always seek medical advice before scheduling an appointment for Distance Healing.