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What is absent healing?

Absent healing, also called remote healing, is when the healing medium and recipient are in separate location.

Absent healing can have just as profound an effect as in person, with clients reporting incredible results remotely. It works exactly the same as contact healing with the benefit of receiving the healing energy from the comfort of your own home. Healing energies are not limited by time and distance. Therefore the beneficial energy healing can still be received even if the recipient is not physically present.
Distance healing is especially convenient for those who have to travel long distance to visit me and to those living in other countries.

What to expect in absent healing session?

An appointment time would have been set.
At the set time, you are encouraged to relax in a quiet room, preferably laying down on a bed or sofa,  same as in a face to face session. I will then send you healing remotely. I always let myself be guided intuitively on what your body, mind and soul require for each individual session.  I will email about insights and advices, that I have received to help you improve your wellbeing.

Many people fall asleep during the healing session so it is best to be lying down.  Please make sure you don’t have any plans right after the healing session.  It is best to lie still and rest for at least 10-15 minutes after the session to help process the energy. After the session is completed, I email you within 24 hours, to relate my experience and will wait for your feedback. This is an essential aspect of the session, so that any questions or concerns can be addressed.

Absent healing with Cindy are conducted via Zoom (like Skype) and last about 60 minutes. You will receive the link to Zoom in your confirmation email. Please log on at your appointment time. If you are in different time zone, check my continuous absent healing here



Since the beginning of the lock down I have received weekly energy healing from Cindy as Cindy has been offering distance free group energy healing to support people during this challenging period. She has been an amazing support! Thank you so much Cindy for your kindness. Geraldine