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While on a healing development week at the Arthur Findlay College, I was introduced to Neutrino energies by our course organiser Libby Clarck OSNU. Interestingly, Cindy realised that she had already been working with Neutrino energies for some time.

I found a really easy to understand presentation on youtube about what is a Neutrino:


What is Neutrino energies?

Neutrinos are born during the process of nuclear fusion in the sun. In fusion, protons (the nucleus from the simplest element, hydrogen) fuse together to form a heavier element, helium. This releases neutrinos and energy that will eventually reach Earth as light and heat. All of the neutrinos produced in the sun are electron neutrinos. Source:

A neutrino is a sub atomic particle with a mass close to zero, which very rarely interacts with 'normal' matter (subatomic means anything smaller than an atom). They are non-visible form of energy - they just cannot be seen. They are an aspect of the radiation that flows from the sun, every second million of them pass through us; they have the ability to pass through soli objects, including Earth in a millisecond. Travelling faster than the speed of light.

They have no weight or mass but are measurable, proving a form of energy that we can't see. It does not mean though that they have no effect on us.

Neutrino were only discovered in 1950's and today scientists are still working to find out what they are and how they affect us.

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