The increasingly toxic environment as much as the amount of physical and material toxins we are exposed on a daily basis, are having a detrimental effect on our physical health, energy level, relationships, career and our ability to connect with our spirit. Energy healing essentially aids to restore and realign the body’s subtle vibrations, when one feels unbalanced either physically, emotionally, or mentally. There are different approaches through different traditions. While Reiki is one of the main ways to practice energy work, there are many ways to integrate healing into one’s life.

EnergyWorks™ is Cindy’s own blend of healing energies, including Reiki, intuitive healing, spirit healing and mediumship; working in synergy with the power of Neutrino energies. She designed it to support your innate mechanism of self-healing and help you regain your inner strength. It is an effective energy healing modality that improves your sense of well being by restoring balance to your mind, body, emotions and spirit. It does so by gently stimulating the flow of your subtle energies; by cleansing and recharging them and it activates your body’s own ability to heal. In doing so, it helps relieve stress and its effects, promoting instant feelings of peace and relaxation.



In an intuitive healing session, Cindy will scan your energy field describing imbalances, illness, dysfunction and pain, and unearthing any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that have contributed to creating them. According to your needs, Cindy will channel a powerful mixture of her own healing techniques to create a receptive, relaxing environment where healing can begin.
This powerful therapy can help increasing your ability to create and improve self awareness; it helps to free up blocked energy in the body and thus it helps you feel stronger mentally and spiritually. It is a great tool for personal growth and relaxation. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you. Intuitive medical healing session treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self- improvement that everyone can use. Cindy may bring forth a loved one who has passed over and wishes to speak up on your healing process or answer any questions that you may have. Intuitive medical healing is NOT a replacement for medical treatment.



Dr. Mikao Usui founded the modern method of Reiki in Japan in the early 20th century, and it was brought to the West by a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo Takata. Since then Reiki has spread across the world. Reiki, pronounced ray-ki, is an energy technique based on a series of apposition of hands on different parts of the body. It is a non-intrusive holistic therapy that channels and transmits energy through the hands to balance and harmonise body, mind and emotions. 
People who receive or practice Reiki often say they experience a feeling of warmth, calm and a state of well-being.



Trance mediumship is a form of mental mediumship which is the ability to connect to the spirit world, like Spirit Guides, Helpers, Ascended Masters and Angels. It is a very powerful method of healing, because the healing energy comes directly from Spirit. During this healing session Cindy attempts to create the very best connection with her healing spirit team who will conduct the healing. The spirit communicator is then able to speak to the patient about their condition. To book this session, you MUST bring a witness with you.



As a healing medium, we are always aware of energies, the power that surrounds us, but we often put it all together under one heading. This makes nonsense of the vitality important difference that there are in the energies that surrounds us end even worse means that we do not select the right energies for each patient presuming that one size fits all!! While on a healing development week at the Arthur Findlay College, Cindy were introduced to Neutrino energies by her course tutor, Libby Clarck OSNU. Interestingly, Cindy realised that she had already been working with Neutrino energies for some time. With practice, she learned how to focus these neutrinos and then feed them to the patient. What’s wonderful, is that both the healer and the patient are often aware of the flow and the changes it is making to the healing process.


Initial appointment ~ 90 minutes – £125

Follow up appointments ~ 60 minutes – £85

Reiki Boost ~ 60 minutes – £85

Distance healing via Zoom (like skype) ~ 60 minutes – £85

Continuous Distance Reiki £75/Month


Cindy Theodore

Cindy has been refining her healing skills since 2016. She is an intuitive medical healer, healing medium, psychic medium, distance healer and a qualified Reiki Master teacher. Her wide repertoire of skills, which she is continuously expanding and refining, together with her ongoing personal and spiritual development, allows her to offer a truly integrated approach to healthcare and well-being. Cindy is honoured to serve Spirit and connect you with your loved ones as well as help you along your life path physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She regularly attends the Arthur Findlay College; teachings of talented Trance & Physical medium Scott Miligan at the Banyan Retreat and the College of Psychic Studies.

Cindy is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and she is insured with Balens. (read Cindy’s story)




It was my first Reiki session ever and it was AMAZING. I felt really great immediately after the session. I felt relaxed and happy. Cindy is a wonderful person. she listens to you and try to connect with you. She had an amazing energy that you feel during the session. After the session is done, she would recommend some helpful practices and give you helpful tips. Also, the great thing about her that she will email you after the session with more in depth details about the session and her recommendations. Love her and i highly recommend her.Nyla A
It was my first time getting a psychic review. At first I was a bit apprehensive and also curious, but straight away Cyndy manage to reassure me by giving clear instructions. I was surprised on how she’s managed to identify my current mood and position in my life. She was very explanatory with lots of examples. She didn’t rush me and even when I asked the same questions twice she’s still was patient enough to repeat herself with more details. I left the session feeling reassured knowing that I was on the right path even thou I knew it. Thank you Cyndy for your time, patience, professionalisms, kindness , warmth and understanding. I would like to try reiki next time. Catiana Odena
Cindy is wonderful! She made me feel at ease when I first met her and the hands on session was amazing. I felt so relaxing that I even fell asleep! She not only did the session but also gave me advice and send me further information to help me with my issues. I highly recommend Cindy and I look forward to my next distance healing session with her. Romy Gibu
I have really enjoyed my first session with Cindy.She walked me trough the process and answere question I had.She is really compassionate and made me feel completely comfortable. I left the session feeling lighter,the negative and heavy energy I felt was gone..I will definetaly be back and as I am a believer I wanna thank her for her support and guidance at a difficult time. Sara Monteverde
Cindy gave me a reading when I needed to make a choice in my life. Even if I knew the answer, Cindy just double confirmed what was best for me. Her reading was an absolute great guidance that we all need at some point. I want to say a big thank you Cindy for your great help. Giuseppe xx. Giuseppe
I had an Intuitive/Psychic reading with Cindy. At the beginning I was not sure if I believe in these things. My trusting mind was fighting rational mind – yes and no at the same time. But from the first sentence Cindy went straight to the point describing my moods and feelings and where I am at this moment in life. And she was right. Cindy was very professional and warm, gave lots of tips and advices for the future. The session took a bit longer then we expected! Thank you Cindy for your guidance and precious time (: silvija petruson
Cindy has a beautiful aura and warmth that I felt the minute we met. Working together was very powerful and when Cindy worked on and with with divine Reiki energy,on me it was warm, comforting and quite exquisite.
An authentic soul, a beautiful healer and a huge heart x Noreen Ferguson-Hughes