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The soul evolution & the 5 openings of consciousness

Written by Cindy Theodore


Posted on May 08 2022

Our soul lives a permanent evolution thanks to our different incarnations.

Without necessarily being aware of it, our soul lives a real process of evolution that extends over many lives. Our soul will evolve and experience several openings of consciousness. This process of evolution will be divided into several cycles. These cycles encompass the whole of human experience. We hear more and more about the transition from 3D to 5D, this is done through the evolution of souls.

You will be able to identify in this article in which cycle you are and in which cycle your loved ones are also. There is no judgement to be made because we all go through these stages through these different openings of consciousness. Spirit guides explain that there are 5 different cycles of soul evolution, each of which is important. 

| In about ten years, old souls will have priority on earth |

What is the soul?

We are much more than a physical body. We are also a spirit and a soul. I like to explain that the soul is the architect, the mind is the builder, and the body is the house. Without the soul, the physical body is like a light bulb without electricity.

When it receives the soul, the body acquires life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, personality and identity. The soul is immaterial, timeless and eternal. It has the freedom to regress, stagnate or advance. For the soul, there are no wrong choices, there are no judgments, there are only experiences.

The 5 cycles of soul evolution that correspond to the 5 cycles of soul evolution:

  1. primary souls
  2. young souls
  3. adult souls
  4. high souls
  5. old souls

One category of soul has no more value than the other, each has its place and above all its role in evolution to play. So there is no failure but only experiences and that is why we need all these lives to evolve and go further in our openness of consciousness and soul. There is no opening of consciousness that is more important than another. Each has its specificities, its importance and its understandings. It is only in the incarnation that there will be a difference.


The main objective of this stage is survival. The lesson and the learnings that these souls have to learn are mainly about existence and survival.

Primary souls are the most fearful of all because they have never been incarnated on Earth, in the material world before. They are both fascinated by life and frightened by material reality. They need to be close to others because they feel deep anxiety and want to feel reassured. Their biggest fear is going out and being alone outside.

These souls are not going to be interested in the spiritual (anything relating to the soul, to consciousness). Their openness of consciousness is not yet great enough to integrate the spiritual dimension. Spiritual people don’t bother them.

These souls will operate on instinct, will act and speak without thinking. They may follow the first person who spoke because they will think that person is right. These souls will often have repetitive experiences so that they learn what they have to learn.

| Spirit Guides are generally more patient with primary souls because they need to learn a lot. The goal is in particular that they become more thoughtful. |


Young souls  will usually:

  • not be independent
  • expect others to do things for them
  • do everything so as not to have to work; these are people who are not going to make it financially and ask for help positioning themselves as a victim and blaming the other for what is happening to them
  • are able to perform simple tasks but will shy away from demanding tasks
  • are not able to think independently and come to their own conclusions with the information gathered.

Young souls are characterised by curiosity: they want to be everywhere, to know everything, to see everything and not to miss anything. They are interested in everything that happens around them, in all the topics of conversation of others.

They don't want to assume responsibility and become independent, which will make them dependent on others. They chose their parents in relation to what they were as a primary soul and what they wish to come and correct. Their number of lives is not limited.

| Spirit guides say that as long as young souls remain in dependence and do not want to become autonomous, they will remain young souls. |

Young souls are not open to the spiritual but spiritual people don’t bother them. In the last life of a young soul, they will have a click to assume themselves. It is then that they will be able to pass into the next stage.


Adult souls assume and become independent. They feel powerful. Unlike the young soul, the priorities of the adult soul will be:

  • money, profit
  • the appearance
  • the competition
  • social position, victory
  • Manipulation
  • the ego
  • and power over the other.

Adult souls also have qualities but these failings will come out at some point or another. They have to crush others and won't be able to work on their ego. They chose their parents. Adult souls rush to experience and are persuaded to be better than others. They want to show off their skills and be admired.

Their number of lives will depend on their capacity to understand that they must be turned towards others and not turned towards them.

It is at this stage that souls free themselves from their limiting structures. They discover and express their individuality, practice free will, discover the power of independent thought and action.

These souls therefore tend to be ambitious, materialistic and highly motivated. They are successful and set high standards for personal achievement. These souls learn to influence the world and to perceive others as those they can influence.

They are in general afraid of ageing, of the natural collapse of their body, they do their best to preserve their status and their appearance. Fashion and prestige are very important to them. They have a strong tendency to compare themselves to others and enjoy impressing others. They are often workaholics. The sense of self of these souls is a unity that rivals other individuals. They are very critical of themselves and do not necessarily show it.

These are the ones who are in the greatest number on Earth today. It is clear that Earth is ruled by more people who want power, money and manipulation above all, which is why the current mess. 

| It will take a few more years for these souls to evolve and understand that they are not right and that they accept it and then put it into practice |

These souls categorically refuse to hear about the spiritual. They don't want to hear about it because they want omnipotence. There cannot be the survival of the soul with a notion of working on oneself and evolving since they are persuaded to be right. Those who are spiritually open greatly disturb them. As the vibration is very strong in an old soul, adult souls cannot bear it. Adult souls will try to block out souls that have a stronger vibration than them. An adult soul is not going to disturb a primary soul or a young soul who is not going to disturb it.

From the moment they will work on their ego and their thirst for power, in their last adult soul life, these souls will begin to come out of the ego and question this soul's survival and so on. It is then that their guide will know that they are ready to begin a new opening of consciousness.


They will come out of the "I" of the adult soul to turn towards the "We".

Ascended souls will begin to notice that something was missing in their life. They will begin to question who they are and become interested in spirituality. Achievements and material prestige no longer give them a sense of happiness. At this stage, life goes beyond individual independence. It is based on discovering how to live in interdependence with others.

They will choose their parents. They will turn to others and add this spiritual openness with the objective of perfecting themselves as a soul. This is the very first life in which they will experience this openness. They will regain their soul's importance in life on Earth. They will take the time necessary to do so. They will be spiritually open and will be looking for spiritually open people.

Adult souls will not disturb an ascended soul but it is the ascended soul and even more the old soul which will disturb adult souls.
Ascended souls will have to assume this opening of consciousness.

Ascended souls will: 

  • define new priorities and new values
  • perceive their feelings, their sensitivity
  • yearn for truth, cooperation and authenticity.
  • attach great importance to justice
  • drop their mask and outward appearance (at least don't make it their 1st priority)
  • begin to focus on their inner world
  • they are sometimes still afraid of not being accepted by others as they are.

These souls explore the true nature of self, life and especially others. This is why another point of view is just as important as theirs for them. At this stage there is the development of empathy, the appreciation of other experiences with other perspectives.

These are people who will have a thirst for learning, who will spend a lot of time training even if it means getting lost. The unconscious will have registered all these formations. They will be interested in everything. They will help without being in the direction of the projects, without taking things in hand.

For example, they will help a lot in associations but will not be at the head of associations. They will be keen to help others. They will be very attentive to others.

| When they get tired of not taking matters into their own hands, organising things for each other, that's when they can move on to the next level |


Did you feel that you were particularly different from the children around you?

It is the last stage of reincarnation (not the last life). It is not because one is an old soul that the incarnation on Earth is over. We can indeed have a significant number of lifetimes as an old soul. We call "old souls" people who are old in heart, mind and therefore of the soul. It is not necessarily the elderly but people who are perceived as "wise", who often live a life considered lonely, they are often misunderstood in everything they do because they are more mature than they don't look like it.

They will have reached the 5th opening of consciousness. There is no pride in being an old soul. If this is the case for you, it's your ego speaking :)

 It is therefore as if they had lived much longer than the actual experience of their current life 

| Old souls follow their own paths while others blindly follow the masses |

Old souls are often misunderstood:

  • because they don't act like everyone else
  • because they are often ahead of others in their understanding. They are often visionaries.
  • because they are often hypersensitive, introverted, empathic (very receptive to the emotions and energy of others, sometimes even to the point of taking or assuming the pain of others at their own expense).

An old soul is a human being who can struggle to find their place in this world that they often find cruel.

These souls are no longer interested in success or glory. They are oriented more towards the spiritual side and less towards the material side of life. They have a more philosophical approach to life and they learn to live with their potential.

It is a soul which, after having had many experiences, will ask to place itself at the service of others on Earth and it commits itself to it.

Trials are often harder as old souls but remember you asked for it to evolve. The guides will give you a lot less gifts because you have the answers and solutions deep inside you, unlike other categories of souls because you have the experience and you have learned a lot.

Intuition is highly developed in old souls; they are very connected to their guides. It is up to them to listen to them. It is even more important for them to help people outside their family in order to have their work base outside their family (because when these people leave, they may find themselves in depression).

The main learnings of old souls will be:

  • to commit without sacrificing oneself and without forgetting oneself
  • to find a balance in their life and in their energy. They can indeed be euphoric in the morning and sad in the evening.
  • to listen to themselves, to listen to their guides and to follow their very good intuition
  • to learn to coexist and establish mutual links
  • to take responsibility for their relationships
  • to honour differences and otherness
  • to find unity in diversity.

At the end of this stage, these souls emphasise the transmission, the teaching, the communication of what they have learned.

They should avoid intransigence, impatience and intolerance.

Old souls can find themselves confronted there with the other categories of souls because they can then think that they do not understand on purpose, not to see things as they really are.

They prefer to do something they love, which brings them inner and collective satisfaction, and it shows.

At this stage of soul development there is a search for balance and completion. There is a desire to pass the torch before reincarnation is complete.

Although old souls are spiritual by nature, they are not always so in a conscious way. They can consciously or unconsciously work with energies or perceive their inner voice, their intuition, connect their consciousness to higher entities, thereby expanding their worldview.

These souls seek an even broader perspective on life. The old soul already has a well-developed sense of independence and interdependence and feels the need to reconnect with the larger order of things, interdimensional unity.

| Spirit guides say that in about ten years old souls will have priority on earth |

Have you recognized the age of your soul?

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