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The 5 Soul Wound 1. The wound of Rejection

Written by Cindy Theodore


Posted on March 14 2022

There are books that forever change our outlook on life.

I wanted to develop precisely each of the 5 Soul wounds that prevent you from being yourself, described in the bestseller written by the Quebec expert of personal development, Lise Bourbeau. According to her theory, these invisible wounds, because anchored in our unconscious, are at the origin of many torments of the human soul and explain many behaviours that we have all been helpless witnesses or that we have experienced ourselves.
After having devoted a first article to presenting the 5 Soul Wounds, today, I propose we look into the wounds of Rejection.

Rejection: Portrait of the fugitive




The Fugitive

Greatest fear


Greatest need

Sense of belonging


Of the same sex

Awakening of the wound: From conception to 1 year, sometimes even before birth (e.g., unwanted baby). Awakened by the feeling of rejection by the parent of the same sex (girl-mother; boy-father) or when the child does not feel wanted or accepted. 

Feelings of the person: The person may feel rejected by others all the time and thus develop poor self-esteem through the interpretation of words or intonations. He may also reject himself. Since the rejection is experienced with the same-sex parent, the “fugitive” will later feel rejected by people of the same sex.
The fugitive mask: The person would like to disappear, or go unnoticed. He is often a well-behaved child, who does not make noise, who blends into the crowd. The fugitive usually dresses in dark colored clothes. He does not feel in his place in general, He creates a bubble, He is in his world, sometimes he takes refuge in video games, in books, in drugs or alcohol.

Attitudes and behaviours of the fugitive:
  • Sensitive to same-sex parent remarks
  • devalues ​​itself
  • Find many ways to escape: sleep, addictions, games, alcohol, drugs
  • Not attached to material possessions
  • Isolates himself
  • Doubt of his right to existence and love

Main fear: panic “strong anxiety attack associated with a feeling of imminent death”

Fugitive personality: The person has few friends, he expresses relational difficulties, he speaks little and is rather solitary. He is not interested in material things, he is more in the spiritual and the intellectual. He is not interested in the superfluous and consumption. The fugitive can go through phases of love and hate especially with people of the same sex. He devalues ​​himself a lot and can express sentences like "I'm useless", "I'm not capable" . He finds it hard to believe that he can be loved. He is afraid of being judged, of giving his opinion or of disturbing others. He is a very perfectionist person, he forces himself to be "perfect" in order to avoid rejection. He is very afraid of making mistakes. There are tensions or bad relationships with the parent of the same sex.

Physical characteristics of the “fugitive”: lean body, often small, body that wants to go unnoticed. Weakly muscled, fragmented body (ill-proportioned) Upper body contracted, folded on itself, smaller or mostly missing body parts. Tendency to skin problems, small eyes, low voice. Posture: Often cross-legged with feet off the ground. Lack of grounding. Diet: sugar, drug use, excessive alcohol. It’s a body that doesn’t want to call for too much attention and seems to want to disappear, like the image of a “fugitive” who will try all their life not to be noticed.

Possible pathologies: anorexia, agoraphobia, allergies, skin problems in general, eczema, psoriasis, acne, diarrhea, diabetes, hypoglycemia, depression, suicidal ideation, family rejection.

How to identify the wound?
  • Person who tends to run away from investment and attachment
  • Person who stays away, isolates himself
  • Perfectionist
  • Personal devaluation
  • Does not recognize the right to exist
  • Avoids situations where the risk of rejection exists, avoids confrontation
  • The person tends to reject himself as a spouse in a romantic relationship

 The dependant is ready to do anything to be loved Lise Bourbeau

For the wound of rejection, the path to healing will be to become aware of one's wound. The fugitive needs to forgive himself and what is lacking in him. Forgive others, their attitude of rejection, their way of bringing importance to themselves. Stop running away from certain situations and face the fear of rejection. Dare to take your place and assert yourself.

In this short video below, a trance healing session where I am setting my intention on helping you cleansing your wound of rejection. Of course this is just a way to help you start this specific cleansing journey.

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