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Old Souls

Written by Cindy Theodore


Posted on May 10 2022

The origin of the expression “Old Souls” comes from the Taoist religion (more than 5000 years old and originating in China). According to their beliefs, the soul abandons the Tao, the all-encompassing and natural unity, and gains different experiences.

Since Taoists believe that everything must return to the roots, the soul's ultimate goal is to make a journey back to the Tao, but only once it has been imbued with all the knowledge and life’s events.

The soul passes through 5 ages and once it reaches the last, perfection is achieved.

In this case, the person has higher levels of perception, but they also differentiate themselves from their fellow human beings because they are more spiritual, they are concerned with finding “their place in the world”, they think they are part of something more great that encompasses it and its main objective is to achieve inner satisfaction.

A person with this kind of soul likes to learn as they do things. This is someone who often challenges the established order of things and is based on his own experiences.

Aspects of an “old soul”

  •  He has a high degree of maturity: from a very young age, the "old souls" do not enter the world of children. They are bored with games set for their age, they want more complex books because the accounts are too basic, they have attitudes of an older person, they can draw conclusions that even their parents don't get , etc. They have a higher level of reasoning than normal.
  • He prefers to be alone and loves any exercise related to introspection. “Old souls” do not need companionship simply because their inner being is enough for them. They usually spend their free time meditating, delving into their feelings and reading about “deep” matters. The old soul is silent and introverted. Many consider him being shy, but in reality he is absorbed in his inner self.
  • He appreciates the simple things: an "old soul" has a very strong spirituality. He only acts for what he is truly passionate about; he chooses to work in something that makes him happy and allows him to be fulfilled. He tries his best to master something, but instead of continuing in a  field, he will easily turn to another activity. Indeed, he finds more pleasure in the process of achieving  something than in the goal itself.
  •  His instinct is very developed, but she also knows how to be guided by it. He is not often wrong! This is a person who observes everything in detail and has the ability to form complete pictures in his mind. When everyone around him sees a forest full of trees, he sees all the plant and animal species, the ground, the sky, the wind and more. Nothing goes unnoticed for an “old soul”. He can analyse a person or a situation in great detail, without making mistakes.
  •  He is very sensitive: his level of empathy is very high, because he can put himself in people's shoes, understand them and help them. Indeed, he knows better than anyone what is going on. He goes beyond accomplishments, and he knows their ways of thinking. He has the ability to forgive, to let go of the bad, and to give advice without judging.

In fact, Spirit guides explain that an old soul is a soul who has had many lives already on earth and that has gathered a lot of knowledge. Unlike other souls, old souls asked to put their knowledge to the service of others. They souls will spend their life helping others. That will not prevent them from having the same challenges as any other human but in addition they will have to put themselves at service. Often old souls will attract a lot of jealousy because people won't understand the radiance that will emanate from them. At times they will feel isolated not being able to talk about their feelings. They receive information that they can't talk about around them but at the same time they have committed to come, do this journey and pass on all the knowledge that has been theirs throughout these different lifetimes.

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