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I am my own guru

Written by Cindy Theodore


Posted on November 14 2020

We live in a society of experts, where we have learned to delegate certain parts of our life or our business to more competent or qualified people. Although I find it very positive that everyone is gaining strength in their area of expertise, this has also been accompanied by a tendency to deprive us of our intelligence and our natural power.

We leave our bodies and our food to doctors and food industries; and following this dispossession of our abilities and our natural intelligence, we find ourselves tossed month after month, to follow such new sensational diet, to gorge on a miracle food and magical virtues or to follow the dogmas of such food stream like a new religion.

Yet in this great whirlwind of experts, we forget the essential. And for me the essential is very simple: I am the one and only person to live in my body, to feel my emotions, to suffer my lack of energy or to take advantage of my exceptional health, to experience my life. I am endowed with intuition, intelligence and a powerful self-healing ability. I am both the sailboat that sails in the seas, sometimes complicated life, and at the same time I am the one who puts her hands on the rudder and decides the direction to take. As William Henley would say in the beautiful poem Invictus "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"

You have to restore confidence in your voice, your intuition and your experiences. By this simple process, you put yourself back in the heart of your life and your decisions, you become more active and committed to what you think is important. And with regard to your body and your health, it will help you little by little to resume a natural and constant conversation with yourself. If the key to loving, friendly or professional relationships is communication, this truth is all the more relentless in regard to the most important of all relationships: that which we have with ourselves.


Sit down and listen to your breathing

We often complain about being overwhelmed, not having a moment for ourselves, being overworked, stressed or worn out. And yet, as soon as we have a single moment of total silence, a few seconds are enough to push us to our phone, contact someone, watch a new video, go somewhere. In short: we avoid this moment of silence where we are facing ourselves.

We ask so much of our lives, our bodies, our minds: but when do we give them a real moment of rest and healing? A moment when we stop "adding" external components (music, conversations, messages, sport, stress, plans on the comet) to our interior and we do the opposite: live in our interior, as it is, without needing to be repaired or improved, approved or appreciated by others, just spend a moment with ourselves, as we are. Living things that inspire and expire. Point bar.

Do some creative thing

And to do something creative, I don’t need to be a talented artist! Just someone with an idea and the urge to put it into practice. Sing, dance, draw, cook: create something that comes out of your guts and your desires, just for you and just for you. Take out these emotions and express them! Do not dwell on the result ("if I paint a painting, it must look like something" "if I dance for 20 minutes, I still have to look a little graceful") but linger about the process and the present moment.  Do not care about the result! The interests is the emotion felt during the journey.

Listen to your body

Intuition can be as simple as a tight belly or a lighter heart feeling of 10 tons. But we must take the time to perceive this sensation. If you are unsure about a financial purchase, a decision to make, a thing to say: think about this thing and feel your body. What is going on ? Do your hands sweat, your stomach tense, or your neck relax? What's going on in your body is intimately connected to your mind and can be an infallible guide in life.

Get some fresh air

To make a clean sweep of the expectations of the day, the confinement of our societies or our lives, nothing better than going to rub what is most natural. Go out to the mountains, to the beach, to the nearest park, sit by a river or watch the rain fall. Let yourself be impregnated by these sounds, movements, colors that were created by the same matrix that created us.

Spend time in nature and pay attention to all the beneficial sounds that surround you: the cry of birds, the buzzing bees, the waves breaking on the sand, a summer breeze that raises foliage.

Love & light
Cindy x



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