About Lavender virtues

About Lavender virtues by Cindy Theodore Nov 5, 2019

About Lavender virtues

The lavender flower represents humility, she (the flower) contains a lot of volatile salts, flushes toxins, allows us to relax in these periods of uncertainty and has many other beneficial effects for the physical.

But Lavender has peculiarities secrets that can be very useful:

When our metabolism is no longer aligned with our soul, the moment when the disease sets in; which manifests itself when the soul tells us that the body no longer receives its information correctly, then the cells being misinformed will generate a global disruption. 

What role will Lavender play?

Lavender will revitalise our metabolism in an orderly way and allow it to be brought back to its higher dimension, the unspoken ones which cause energetic blockages.

Emotions will be able to diminish and give way to a better overall harmony, which will help us refocus, return to our global.

She will help to control and soothe the astral body, recirculate a body area numbed by an emotional overflow.

How to use it:

  • Breathe this plant and its very volatile perfume, will direct us towards more lightness, more sweetness, of nobility and thus facilitating our vibratory change.
  • Burning lavender helps soothe the place and bring peace and serenity inside the place.
  • For premonitory dreams, simply rub, massage on the temples and forehead fresh flowers of lavender before going to bed.
  • I like to use Lavender in our handmade crystal eye pillows; that I then charge with healing energy.

Of course it is better to get fresh lavender, to pick a bouquet, to breathe in consciousness, ie by inspiring you feel the perfume clean all your Being! which will have more effect to purify you! Do this for several days in principle over 21 days (symbolic number).

……… And when your bouquet has dried, put it in a pretty bag that you leave in the middle of your clothes.

…….. And for the pleasure of the eyes and for its smell you can make bouquets of lavender decoration.

Before cutting it from its root, thank her for the benefits she will give you, tell her that you like her, which will help the Nature Intelligences remaining in the ground, to facilitate the healing of the plant.

Love & light


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