Ressourses: Energy healing, Mediumship…

Jun 13, 2017

Ressourses: Energy healing, Mediumship…


Reiki And Breast Cancer, Reiki News Magazine, Summer 2011

Energy healing and Mesothelioma  The Mesothelioma Center (

Energy healing in the NHS UK Federation, 2010, Beauty & Soul 2014


Arthur Findlay College  Residential college for the advancement of Spiritualism and psychic sciences.

College of Psychic Studies Courses, workshops, lectures…

Psychic news  A monthly Spiritualist Magazine.

UK Healers  National regulatory body for spiritual healing in the UK.

Gordon Higginson  A website dedicated to Gordon Higginson.

SAGBThe Spiritualist Association of Great Britain


Albert Best
Mediumship Within  Chris Ratter
Judith Seaman – Trance Mediumship  Minister Judith Seaman
Lilian Bailey – The Tapestry of Life Marjorie Aaron
J. J. Morse – Trance Medium 2013 edition James Johnson Morse
The Complete Gladys Osbourne Leonard Gladys Osbourne Leonard
Emma Hardinge – Trance Lectures Emma Hardinge Britten
Eileen Garrett – Her Life and Her Mediumship Eileen Garrett and Allan Angoff
Nettie Colburn – Trance Medium Nettie Colburn
Leonora Piper M. Sage


Parish the Healer Maurice Barbanell

Spirit Intercourse  J. Hewat McKenzie
Estelle Roberts – Fifty Years a Medium Estelle Roberts


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