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Trance medium by training, specialist in energy work and soul matters supporting clients of all ages, I very quickly wondered about the origin of the ailments, illnesses and difficulties encountered on a daily basis.

Trained in mindfulness and then in different energy approaches, but above all strong from my personal experience with thousands of clients, from "challenges" successfully identified in my personal daily life and from an expansion of my senses, I created the GoldenSoulActivation method™.

The GoldenSoulActivation methodis a unique and innovative process based on mindfulness and knowledge of your body's energies.

It allows the release of inner blockages (or crystallised energies impacting the whole of the BODY as well as the links and life situations) and the expression of the deep nature of our being.

From the first session, you will feel your energies, releasing what needs to be released and observe a direct and immediate impact in your life.

The GoldenSoulActivation method will also bring you new knowledge about yourself and allow you to understand and then integrate your unique functioning. You will gain self-confidence and feel like you belong in a meaningful life.

The GoldenSoulActivation method™ is a permanent aura mutation to the new vibration of our planet Earth.


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